Sunday, May 11, 2014

The banner and some pics of Emerald City Comic Con

This is how the banner came out.  Figured some peeps might want to see it undistorted and clean like.

It came out rad.  Props to the printers.

Don't lie. You've never seen a better banner.
 These are some of my favorite cosplay pics from in front of the booth.
Look at dat awesome banner up there behind everything.  Word?


Also SO CUTE.  Look - she's like Mario but sweeter.

Met this girl and her buddies and they were super fly (tm).

These two girls were hilarious and super cool.  Skills at cosplay.

Mother f_cking BOB'S in the house.

Best family ever.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Yesss, that's right...

Pooper Girl.

Don't tell me you don't like it because I won't believe you.

¿Is that Super Girl covere in sh_t?


Happy Monday,


Saturday, March 22, 2014

What on earth have you done?!?


It's... well, poop.  Pooper girl in the house!

Work in progress.

Can you wait until I'm done? I surmise that you cannot, because I can't either.

If you're going to make a joke that my drawing is shitty, I do believe I have officially beat you to the pinch.  Well... punch.

Super girl covered in poo?  Check.  You'll thank me when you develop a sense of humor.



Friday, March 21, 2014

When you come to see me at the con next week....

It should looks something like this.

With mah giant ass banner.

(if I can get it printed in time).


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Super Girl Puns - another one in the can

Hooper Girl, you know, like Basketball Hoops. 

Needs a little something more, but I'm loving the shoes, and also the ridic basketball hoop skirt thing, or whatever the heck that is.

All hail Super Girl pun illustrations.

The show for these is coming up pretty soon.


be seeing you,

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More super girl drawings in progress

More drawings are happening.

Take that, evil doers.
Scooper girl nearly finished

A variant on the classic super girl.  I did it pretty regular and nao I wanna add some more bits to make it interesting.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Scooper Girl?


More bad pun illustrations for Super Girl. Two scoops please.

I did these drawings tonight.

These are a bit more fun.  I don't wanna be conservative but it's really hard when you're out of practice to take it to some place interesting and weird and not make it look awkward.

Well, here goes some sketches.  I like them both, so I may paint them.

Scooper girl 1

Scooper girl 2, the sequel

Monday, March 03, 2014

Inbound Super Girl

I'm working on a series of puns for Super Girl this year much like the Wonder Woman pieces from last year. This is the base pose I've drummed out.  Now to crank on a bunch of variations...


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bubble Bobble / Puzzle Bobble Neon Sign art

Pacman, Hamburgers and Shakes, Bubble Bobble, arcades - I tried a bit of everything.
The best thing ever happened.  I made a neon sign.  Well, I didn't do that, because making a neon sign requires glass bending skills, a workshop, and a black belt of ninja art mastery, while I only have a green belt in looking at art.

I designed a neon sign.  Here's how I started.

I built a bunch of sketches around the concept.  I used a bunch of classic arcade/Diner bits and tried to incorporate what he wanted in simple thick elegant line work so the bender wouldn't have a helluva time.

So the guy I was designing for, he liked on in particular, so I turned it into a slightly cleaner sketch, which you can see here.  He loves Bubble Bobble / Puzzle Bobble.
Bob and Bub pictured, because they're awesome and they provided a great color palette
 After everything was built to his liking, I took the work into illustrator to model it perfectly.  It also gave me one more opportunity to play with the size or the glass in comparison to the mass of the sign.

I wanted the thing to look nice and thick/dense with 15mm glass at the size it was to be manufactured.

The sign didn't have that in stock though and we had to go with 13mm.

We picked the sign up the other day and I snapped a few photos of it.  It came out really nice.  In person you can see the colors and they're a bit nicer, but in the iPhone photos, the bloom is a bit impossible to photograph.

Here are my favorite pictures.

A closeup of the neon so you can see all the connective bits.

Obligatory depth of field shot and the colors are pretty close in this one although it's still quite blown out.

The finished sign.  You can compare this to the concept sketch and see that it's pretty close, although if you ask me - I can point out several bits that are off.  I designed the thing of course I'd notice them!
Mission accomplished.  I have a few more neon signs concepts designed / planned and I'm hoping to work few some of them and have them at some upcoming art shows in 2014.


Sunday, November 03, 2013

Rainbow Monster colours

Rainbows and daggers, oh my!
I'm working on it.  Will be done tonight most likely.


Saturday, November 02, 2013

Monster sketch

Today I started a sketch of a chubby monster reaching towards the heavens.

What the hell am I?
Don't ask me.  I just work here.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Moar Sketch

Here's another take on the cosplay concept.  It's a sort of mashup of a bunch of refs into one little package.  And for the nerd impared out there (which can't be many because, well, you're reading an digital art blog) I've listed all of the things I'd like to paint into it.

Luigi, Chun Li, Samus, Pokemon, Cammie, Lara Croft, Zelda - I'm pretty much ripping it all.  

I guess you could kind of say like a DJ would do with music, I'd like to do with these characters.

Commence the music.
Those are all game references, but I had to fight to keep a star wars bit out of this.  Oooh - maybe she could be holding a black and red umbrella over her shoulder to mix in a tad of resident evil.

Hopefully I'll find time, of which there is little presently, to fill out the rest of the piece.

As always, your comments are welcome and very much appreciated.

be seeing you,

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cosplay "Pin-up" - Rainbow Dash? Bravest Warriors Beth? Samus? Wat!

So I have this dream of mine...

I want to make a giant pinup banner to hang when I do the next Seattle Comic Con next year.

When I say giant, I mean, really quite large... like, taller than my house large.  Like... 30 feet tall giant.

Chances of this happening are slim but just like I always say "You make don't of the shots that you don't take."

So I'm planning for this.

The sketch has to be really tall because it can't be wide - booths aren't that wide, so I probably have ~5-10' to work with and the thinner and taller the better.  It can't be too lude, so I'll be somewhat tame.

What I'm thinking is that it'll look like a giant version of one of my cartoon girls standing right in the con.  Should be really cool to take pictures of.

Here are some sketches.

Rainbow Dash, Samus, Samus Cosplaying as Chun Li, Samus as Sailor Moon.   Then I did some other randoms - Velma, Beth from Bravest Warriors both regular style and as Slave Leia from the Butter Lettuce episode.

I'm not in love with any of these, although I like Samus as Sailor Moon and also Rainbow Dash is kinda too cool for School.

Do let me know if any of these tickle your fancy, or any other part of your mind or body.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The rest of the Boo'd Puns

Here are all the rest of the Boo pics except the super secret one, who's name shall not be mentioned.

The series did really well at the show and I'm super proud of how the sets are packaged.  You won't be disappointed if you pick them up.

As a matter of fact - you do that here (link below to the LTD art gallery) for $20.

The Big Leboowski (The Bood)


Who you gonna call?


It's a CAT BOOS - how cute!

Breaking Boo

Bob's Boogers

¿What weird mashup of terrible puns should I unleash next?

Have at it humans.