Monday, September 08, 2014

Space Ace Kimberly finished print

I ended up changing the print a bit to pic colors that printed and looked really awesome.  Some of the stuff I concepted was a little out of the realm of possible print colors and kinda hurt my eyes after a while.

If you really have to have one, and you probably do - you can find her here -

I did a really small print run because Kimmie is kinda niche. You know?  Space Ace is so unashamedly 80s (which is why I love it, as well as all the Don Bluth stuff ever! <3 br="">

Hope you dig.



Samolo said...

I'm really happy you're back, you are the only reason I still check out blogger.

N/A said...

Picked one up ^.^, your art is awesome, hope you make it down to SLC comic con one of these days. Would love to get some more print :)

boots said...


Unknown said...

What happened?! Where did you go?