Friday, August 29, 2014

Space Ace's Kimberly pinup and lil Borf

I've just finished a pinup featuring Borf and Kimberly from an old school arcade game by Don Bluth called Space Ace.  When I was super young, it was the most beautiful game in existence.  And let's face it, it still looks impossibly cool.  If you don't know about it - you should look it up.


Anyways, prints will be up at the LTD gallery and I'll post the finished pieces after the show opens tonight. 

Opens August 29th - 7pm-11pm

It's right next to PAX - on Pike street. 307 E. Pike street.

Be there or be square.

Here's a sketch for you.

I know, not nearly enough rainbows or vomit, right?  But at least there are some panties. WOOT.



Rupe said...

I'm happy to see new pixels from you!

Unknown said...

Thanks Rupe, I really appreciate it! (^_^)