Saturday, March 22, 2014

What on earth have you done?!?


It's... well, poop.  Pooper girl in the house!

Work in progress.

Can you wait until I'm done? I surmise that you cannot, because I can't either.

If you're going to make a joke that my drawing is shitty, I do believe I have officially beat you to the pinch.  Well... punch.

Super girl covered in poo?  Check.  You'll thank me when you develop a sense of humor.




chav said...

wow, very creative. I was wondering why did she look like that. but then u said 'poop' and I saw the toilet paper between her legs, lol. I love it.

Edu said...

Youre fucking amazing!

Unknown said...

LOL - thanks guys. Nice compliments.

Anonymous said...

All legs! No tits!