Sunday, May 11, 2014

The banner and some pics of Emerald City Comic Con

This is how the banner came out.  Figured some peeps might want to see it undistorted and clean like.

It came out rad.  Props to the printers.

Don't lie. You've never seen a better banner.
 These are some of my favorite cosplay pics from in front of the booth.
Look at dat awesome banner up there behind everything.  Word?


Also SO CUTE.  Look - she's like Mario but sweeter.

Met this girl and her buddies and they were super fly (tm).

These two girls were hilarious and super cool.  Skills at cosplay.

Mother f_cking BOB'S in the house.

Best family ever.

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Glen Isip said...

Hey, I remember this! Turned out really great! Nice to see that you could get it to hang at the con.