Monday, March 21, 2011

Not safe for the faint of heart: continuation of the sketch.

Far from done still but much closer. needs to be done by Friday I think. Final image size will be 5.5x8.5 so that should be close to this screen rez, which leave lots of room for tiny detail.

I probably should go darker. Something to contrast the cuteness and really mess peeps up. Well, if they're grabbing a Zine called Blood Dumpster, then they're in for it I suppose.

I kinda want to redo candy land as cartoony over the top weird stuff.

I think I've mentioned that before, but HEY INTERNET - DIBS ON THE IDEA.




kleer001 said...

Bone's pretty tough, maybe one of these might be more apropriate for the job?
(gas powered blender)
It's got *handles*!
Also, are those heads hanging by their tongues? Maybe one through the eye socket?
Just throwin it out there.
m(_ _)m

dante philippe said...

lol real breast?
*puts on sunglasses*
i'll take one of them milk shakes.

Unknown said...

>*puts on sunglasses*<
that's one of the best memes.

I was thinking eye socket, but that's just mean! (12 point sarcastica off)

Good blender choice K.


kleer001 said...

Are you going to have this as a postcard or available as a print? Even a 5x7?
Or which Art collective? So I can order up a copy.
I'm all the way in Sydney, so I can't really hop on the train ;___;
Can't wait to see more!

Unknown said...

The Zine will certainly be available at some point. I'll pop up details when they're in Kleer.


Jonathan B said...

blood dumpster sounds like a movie i should make

also why not try drawing No More Heroes girls ,andrew?