Sunday, March 20, 2011


Super simple thumbnail. Well, this one also happens to be tiny, like the actual size of a thumbnail.

I’m doing a drawing for a zine that Blood Dumpster, an NY art collective is going to publish next month. The theme is “Thicker Than Blood.” which instantly made me think of the obvious choice: “Blood Smoothie.” That’s totally what comes to mind right? Blood isthicker than water, what’s thicker than that?


Yay Jamba Juice. So that’s what I’m illustrating. If Jamba Juice served Blood Smoothies…

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion. It’s bee B/W, so I’m not sure how I’ll treat shading, or if I’ll even do it, but I’ll try to tweak it out somehow to add dimension.

be seeing you,


kleer001 said...

ooOOoo! Getting into some Guro? Love. It!
Do you know Shintaro Kago? Great brain busting taboo shattering work.
As always, I can't wait to see more progress, thanks for rockin!

Unknown said...

heh, this sketch is ugly as hell, but ya, it totally is guro-ish. Of course, I can't take it THAT far. I am a fan of Junko Mizuno. I owne a tiny bit of her original art. (^__^) So I have to give props to her, but that other guy, yes, seen his stuff, interesting indeed. Some of it is too much for me, but other stuff is just so creative.