Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blood Dumpster piece

Finished piece. The book is Black and white, so no color this time, but it's cool to go all high contrast sometimes.

There's going to be a 6x8" Zine made from it. I'll be sure to post more info when I have it. More info as in.. some info! I believe it will be out next month.



kleer001 said...

Nice! I likey :)
So many neat lil touches.

John G said...

So great!

Trixi said...

I absolutely love it :)
The green eyes jar makes me a bit worried though. *paranoid*

dante philippe said...

awesome stuff man cant wait to see finished product.

dante philippe said...

ha ha oh snap! it is finished need to read first then comment....its good! don't get me wrong but you usually color your work thats how i was thrown off! but still nice work!

Damcanadian said...

That's a pretty sweet picture, glad to see her eye-patch is on the same eye as me.

btw, the 5 new prints are framed and on my wall with the others.

Unknown said...

Dante - NP, i get you man. I think it looks finished though, but I do love my colors too.

haha - ya the patch is on the right side, eh?


Unknown said...

Trixi greeeen eyes. The secret ingredient. :-)

Trixi said...

I sure hope my eyes won't end up in a jar like that :D