Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little taste.

This is 50 % of the piece, although I tweaked the colors so it would look like, well, you get the hint...

I'll save the other half for after the cards come in.

be seeing you,


Trixi said...

Have I told you how freaking talented you are?

Samolo- Manuel A. Molohua Hernández said...

Sweet looking as usual, the halloween postcard arrived well btw, first one I have ever recieved! hope I can make the cut to this one since I'll probably be online most of the time but I'll give it a shot!

About the books, sorry for not replying earlier, lots of work and stuff, I'll think I may be able to buy just "Forgotten Kingdom"... but don't know if is easier to talk about it via mail, the same email as for the postcard is ok?

&Rew said...

Trixi - Thank you so much! I'm not sure about the talent part, but I am sure that I love creating little juicy creatures and whatnot. They're not for everybody, but I'm glad that I can entertain you.

Yo Samolo - cool cool man. No problem at all. Everybody on earth seems to be really busy, despite technology making it easier and easier to communicate - that's a pretty big contradiction right? At any rate, you're very welcome. Same email indeed sir. Take care!


kleer001 said...

Ah ha, nice! Smashing as ever, truly.

Do you have a fav Street Fighter character or generation?

cashsmart said...

yes, very talented. This is EPIC!

&Rew said...

thank you vurry much sirs.

i'll crank more as i can.