Monday, December 13, 2010

ibuki and what's-her-buns

You may or may not recognize these gals from street fighter. They're gonna be sketched onto the back of the postcards (which are about 90% finished right now).

Ibuki the ninja chick and... Cammy Toe. I'm using her costume from SF4 - the alt one. You know - the one without pants. (^ . ^)

Now I gotta go get that last 10% on the painting in. I was up all weekend working on it but sometimes a weekend just isn't enough time.

be seeing you,


Trixi said...

I think I've never wanted anything tattooed on my skin more than that *giggles*

dante philippe said...

heh awesome work

Unknown said...

Thanks yall. i'll plop a few more of these out when I get the chace.


kleer001 said...