Friday, October 08, 2010

The short of the long

This is a paintsketch for the final. The colors may change a bit but I'd like to keep it moody, dark, and blue. This'll work well. Now all I gotta do it PAINT IT.

Watched Gremlins last night. GREAT movie. Super dated now - more so than I remembered.

Also - MUCH more violent than I remembered. Phoebe Cates is hot.

Also I wanted to say thanks to everybody who entered. I'll put something together for you guys (and girls!) around the time I mail out the cards. I'm hoping that I can get the painting done by mid next week to get it to the printers.

It's gonna be a close race.

Did I mention how hot Phoebe Cates is?

be seeing you,


molli brown said...

WOW -that looks amazing. totally and completely. i had no idea how you would do it but its really awesome.

William Vega said...

Absolutely rockin' I also love me some Phobe Cates been meaning to rewatch the gremlins movies...&drew i was wonderin' if u can help me out and spread the word on a tron:legacy sub i did for threadless i just need people to score and/or comment on it:

sorry, i kinda feel inappropiate to post a link of my stuff but i could use a hand

Unknown said...

Thanks yalls.

William. Hell no I don't mind. Pimp away. I'm on my phone but will check your threads when I get to a big screen. Is voting today only?


William Vega said...

the voting started today for my design it'll be up 6 more days thanx a lot looking forward to the gremlins art

Unknown said...

Willian - that design looks rad.

Good luck. I hear threadless is cutthroat.