Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1 thing first.

Metroid love. You know I got it. And I'm going to try to give it to you. I will never forget when I first played metroid nes though. That was some real sh_t thurr. Sooooo gooood.

Ok, so i've been working on this metroid piece. It's done, but I want to post up a sketch and drag it out a while. Those new postcards will be up soon. Scout's honor. I'm just into last minute tweaks on them sh_ts. ¿werd?

Soooo this metroid wheel. It's for a book with circular illustrations. That's cool and all, but what else can I do with this? Anybody got any ideas?

-=I listened to this the whole time i painted through this illo.=-

Oh - and the new game, other M? No thanks. I beat it 100% with all the items and whatnot and well, erm, Give ME the franchise. Just a year or two with Samus "Just in Bailey"... I'll cute it up but it will be tough as nails and twice as deep. Comeon Nintendo - shoestring budget and a couple pixel artists. We'll make a metroid M.other can be proud of!

Heh - oh well, I've already worked on a game that sold more copies than g_d sold of the bible. So what am I complaining 'bout?



William Vega said...

wow this is strikingly awesome coindentally i've been listening to the super metroid music i prefer it over metroid:
well it'll be wonderful art either way but what comes to mind it can be a cool coaster, a mouse pad maybe

kleer001 said...

Oh hell yea, something with the feel like this maybe?


Unknown said...

William - thanks and yes that is awesome music although I'm partial to the simplicity and beauty of the original intro. It's my single favorite piece of video games music. Love SNES one nonetheless.

Kleer - yes that is 100% awesome. I love that piece. I've seen people online hating on it but no hate from me sir. All <3s.