Wednesday, October 06, 2010

And they're off!

Gentlemen and Ladies,

It's on! I'm VERY excited to be painting this piece. I decided to throw a few more references in there, and I also swapped nightgown out for t-shirt and panties. I hope nobody minds that I'm painting panties into the piece. I for one, do not. (^__^)

I've got to hurry up and get this out so I can mail them for Halloween. My friends have expressed doubt in my ability to get such a task done, so I'm going to need luck and faith from everyone on the blogosphere.

I'll keep you updated as I"ll be painting on this every night around midnight.

If anybody has the mp3 soundtrack to Gremlins, it would be MUCH appreciated. (or poltergeist). I need all the inspiration I can get please.

thank you


molli brown said...


kleer001 said...

Looks good mang! Lots of places to do your lighting yummyness. Also, the sound track to Gremlins 2 (IMHO) is way better.


Unknown said...

No way kleer! Gremlins 1 is a classic. There's a reason why the used CD goes for around 100$ on ebay etc. A. classic B. rare.


I have 2 but i'm looking for a way to get one without shelling out three hundred bucks.

Molli - werd.


Trixi said...

I can't wait to see this one when it's done...and I think I have to watch Gremlins now.