Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Art Director for a Day: Halloween Edition

To everybody who emailed me for a postcard, they've been sent out (on Saturday) so that should be all good shortly. Also - posters and books have been shipped, although there are still a few books and a poster that will go in the mail Thursday.

There are still a few posters left here:

Now for something interesting, AD4AD3.0: I love postcards. I also LOVE Halloween

Email me or leave a comment in the comment box with your idea for a set of Halloween postcards. Please use a subject like of "Halloween Postcard Idea" I will be doing 2 that will link up next to each other (like the kill bill cards). On one card I'd like you to come up with a really cute/sexy girl and a scary monster for the other one. I'm also going to do a stamp for the occasion so make sure to include that in your thought process.

For example:
Frankenstein chasing after his bride with a creepy spider in his hands and the stamp would be a little spider staring out at you.

Or a girl dressed up as wonder woman with a paper bag, and on the other cards Dracula opening up his front door. The stamp could be a jackolantern or something.

All entries will get a set of cards w/ artsy stamps. The ideas that wins plus a couple runner-ups something else like a signed print or a book with some candy.

And here's some art I did a while back when I was trapped in a room for a weekend... I never had a chance to post it until now. There are a few more, but they're as of yet unfinished.

be seeing you,


kleer001 said...

a sexy zombie stripper eating a patron's brains in the club, blood soaked dollar bills and devoured bodies all over the place

& the other is

a pair of zombie hunters lit from behind: a werewolf in a track suit with a bandolier shotgun and a mummy with a pair of katanas and a Japanese kamikaze pilot's headband.

sammi s. said...

girl dressed like snoopy or charlie brown in a pumpkin patch.

(other card) the pumpkin king/queen.

jack-o-lantern stamp

sammi s. said...

only 2 so far?

Unknown said...

I know, right! Nobody is in on this. I'mma hafta do another post with some more easily readible instructions. That OR I NEED TO GET INTO CIRCULATION! (^___^)

we'll see if I can't get a few more people interested. Although, Sammi, your odds right now are very good. heh


That Girl said...

I have 2 :)

1. Buffy the vampire slayer holding a stake in a graveyard filled with tombstones and vamps in the background and a hand coming out of a grave up front next to her. Plus a full moon. For the stamp a tombstone possibly with the date saying Happy Halloween.

2. Freddy vs Jason at a table playing checkers with the image panned out and horror movie icons on each side behind them (Chucky, Pumpkinhead, Michael Meyers, Leatherface, Scream guy. For the stamp there could be two, one with Jasons mask, the other Freddy's glove)

sammi s. said...

how about a bunch of movie monsters dressed like super heroes & on the other card a bunch of super heroes dressed like movie monsters & they're trick or treating.

the stamp could be a confused bat or cat or jack o lantern or something

Anonymous said...

Sexy black cat girl sneaking under a ladder. Stamp would be a cracked mirror.

The headless horseman trying on hats. Stamp would be a cannonball.