Friday, August 13, 2010

Samus of Metroid fame.

I posted these long ago, but they deserve to be next to peach. Samus designs I did for my buddy Grant Henry of "Metroid Metal". Heard his music? If you like Metroid, it's an absolute must. He does covers of the metroid tracks heavy metal like. (Hence Samus with a guitar) Can you dig it?

be seeing you,


Chris Bishop said...

Killer! I just came across these on super punch.

I want the 3rd one on a shirt...

Unknown said...

Thanks holmes. I'll have to give superpunch a low five!

Shirts were made long ago but I think they could use a revamp. Or I should just repaint Samus. A cause I love her. B cause I'm 22% better than I was when I made those.