Tuesday, August 17, 2010

¿Did I Kill Bill yet?

I painted this pic for That Girl's Site
her BF commissioned me to do it. I really had fun. Basically he wanted me to paint
her into Kill Bill scene. So I'm posting the banner, and then the alternate paint job I did with the "Uma Thurman" Bride.

There are postcards available, but as you probably already know, I'm not good at making things available unless you show up at my doorstep.

¿How about this - if you email me your address tonight before midnight, I'll send you a free one with a drawing on the back? That's interesting. I'll even cover the postage to prove I'm not a grumpy ass bastard. But don't expect me to tweet about this. That would just be dumb.

edit: Alright to the dozen people who emailed me or posted to the comments, you're in like flynn. So gimme a day or so to pop stuff in the mail. To the guy in the UK - don't sweat it, i got you covered this time. \( * O * )/ Thanks for being part of the interactive art process. You're very welcome indeed.

And in case anybody is waiting for the AD4AD2 piece, it's done, i'm just sitting on it while one of my buddies critiques it to death. That'll be up soon.



Anonymous said...


it's 11:56 pm...I MADE IT!

Anonymous said...

felixbrame@gmail.com ...um its 11:20 central, does this still count?

Unknown said...

How did i not see this before the time ran out :( grumbles....

Unknown said...

Airycah and Felix - you're in.

Andrew - I'll do more offerings and you'll make it. Scout's honor man! I gotta limit the offers or I won't survive to see the next! (* . *)

Lori said...

Alas I am WAAAAAAAY too late for the contest, damn business trips! But kudos on the work, this is fantastic!

Unknown said...

Lori, next time i'll give everybody a 4 hour heads up instead of 3! :-) i only had to write about 20 postcards, so it wasn't that bad. I never know how many people will pop onto the blog and I didn't mind doing.. hmm, say less than 50. But more than 50 woulda killed me.


Benjamin L. Harris said...

Hi Andrew!
Got my postcard today. Absolutely love it!
The stupid post office put a big "Par Avion" stamp right across the sketch, but it gives it an exotic, international feel, so I'm not too bothered.
Anyway, I'm going to go find a place to display it.
Thanks again - I'll be keeping up with your blog since discovering it!

Unknown said...

As a matter of fact Ben, I was thinking that they'd stamp everything and I do love that. As long as it doesn't break the art then it should be fine, eh? Glad you dig man. I'll likely do another one of those offerings when my next batch of cards arrives. I'm doing one based on the new piece I'd just finished up.


Cousin Barnabas said...

My postcard took the scenic route (it wasn't your fault) but I thought I'd stop by and say "Thanks!"

So ... thanks!

Unknown said...

Good deal Creep. Keep stopping by and I'll keep mailing stuff (that I think is cool!). :-)