Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update the tron sh_t already m_therf_cker!


so work has been really really intense lately. i have have -0- time other than sleeping and working at my day job. the game i'm working on will be awesome though - no doubt. i've been really really tired.

today i was workignon another painting and put it down to do this:

Ryon, lemme know if it's on a good track or if you want something changed and I'll oblige.

i'm having fun with it.. Both chicks are from Tr2n. Sark and Flynn are in like... flynn(t). (^__^)

this is just a prelim i was doing to get a palette in there, but it turned into a little more cause i was enjoying painting.

1. more thing. Ryon, how big do you want this thing? What the hell am I printing? A business card? A billboard? When I rez it to paint the detail and really start to get down, how many pixels do you want me to work with?


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