Thursday, May 14, 2009

any way the wind blows...

...doesn't really matter to me.

I did have enough time to do this today.

I slept on my neck wrong, and now it's got this cutting pain. i wonder if anybody at worked noticed that I didn't turn my head without turning my neck today. all day long I was doing those full body turns when people call for my attention.

chances are - they didn't notice.

i've got to remember to stop sleeping in bizarre positions.

have a good day, and a great night.


Trixi said...

I love those naked chicks...

You can be sure, that they didn't notice. They never do.

Sleeping in bizarre positions is fun

*paranoid cause of the things I wrote above*

Unknown said...

Don't be paranoid. It's all good - it's not like this is the front page of a newspaper. ;-)

I'm glad you love naked chicks - nake chick love is 50% of what makes the world go round. Maybe even 51%.


g1toons said...

really love this great silhouette, and design

i said...

Very elegant strokes. I'm a fan of the series :D