Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I've been getting raped.

No posts lately, I've been working on ... gulp... MORE TRADITIONAL PIECES!!!

And I started adding color toooo.... I know I know, what's the world coming to? Non digital colors from Andrew? Yup.

Well I don't wanna post stuff until I have a bunch of it done, but what the hell, I'll post a little.

Here's an animated gif of a piece:

This one is a test of sorts. I wanted to try to get a very specific look. i didn't quite hit it, but I hit it on the ones that followed. I'll post some of them soon. I promise. ok?



Trixi said...

It looks so cute
Hope you keep your promises :P

Mark said...

Awesome dude, still as colourful as a digital piece, is that a varnish? Whatever it is, really sets it off!


Cereal Killer said...

looks like porcelain...
i really love those girls in black white and red....so simple and so fucking real
really love them
and Peach princess looks great too!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome dude, Thank you for comment,Pretty good. continued on my job search. How are you? I got pretty busy these past few weeks in Vietnam. I have allotted to learn from you about characters, environmental in future up coming. Please help my improve art skill, many more.