Monday, March 11, 2013

Wonder Women Puns

Here are a few of the designs available in the blind series.

Pick up a few packs at the LTD shop and make sure to let me know which ones you liked.

Default Wonder Woman.  This is the base pose I painted on to make the others.

Punker Woman, a more rare one.  I wanted to paint a mowhawk.  Doesn't everybody?

Chunder Woman.  Yes.  She's upchucking a rainbow.  I'm pretty sure girls are made out of rainbows, so it's appropriate.
Thanks for taking a look.  I'll keep posting Punder Women until I'm done, but should the concept take off, I'd love to keep painting more and more.   Do share the LTD shop link with your Wonder Woman fan friends, and I'll keep you up to date on whether a series two is in the cards.

be seeing you,


Ben Newman said...

I LOVE the chunder woman one! If you ever do a bigger print of it I'm reserving one in advance :)

Annoyed Coworker said...

Is the star on her cooch throwing chunks as well? +1 for attention to detail, &rew.

Unknown said...

Thanks Ben, I'll let you know, sir.

Annoyed - OF COURSE IT IS!