Friday, March 08, 2013

Wonder Women art. Pondering purchasing a print, people? Please procede.

Punder Women. 

I did my two favorite things at once : made puns and painted colorful pinup art.  And who's benefiting from this? You are.  Because prints are for sale.

They're blind packs.  I got the idea from Mike Mitchell and his Super Series + blind box toys.

I'll drop images of the different possibilities in on my blog/tumblr next week. 

Please share the art, because well, if it doesn't sell well enough for me to make more, I won't.  And I have about 200 concepts written down including doing more characters like Cat Woman, Super Woman, and Harley Quinn.  Hell, I may even take suggestions for puns.

Prints are 8x10.  More deets are listed at the LTD art gallery site.

Buy 'em here:

Wonder women was a really good opportunity for me to push my pun agenda.  I tried to paint them all cute with a little bit of sexy and a little bit of grotesque, because it's fun that way.  I cranked the saturation all the way up.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

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C.Deboda said...

Just had a chance to check out that link...punderful! (I know, unoriginal) Also, that nun one looks kinda interesting. Have a larger scale version by any chance?