Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dr. Daisyo (who the hell is Dr. Mario?) figure

Turn your head and cough.

I made a thing!

Actually, Nate at Squid Kids Ink made a thing.

He asked me to do a mini figure for his 10-doh! (read like ninTendo!) a while back and I don't think I ever posted it.

At any rate, ever since I did it, there have been a few emails from strangers here and there saying that they found my art when they saw that toy and googled the artist.  That's pretty bad ass.

As you can see, I based my art on the oldschool Dr. Mario cart from the nes.  Oldschool nintendo is the sh_t.  I totally ripped the design, but not in a steal it steal it sort of way, but in homage, because I loved the hell out of that thing.  So this should be completely familiar in every way.

Dr. Daisyo reporting for duty.

If she was real and had a logo - this would be it.

Here's a higher resolution picture of the art.  What's up doc!
At any rate, if you like this you can find the figures in various spots.  You can buy cases from Squid Kids Ink's big cartel site, and I've seen Daisyo figures in various places online.  Probably it's best to ask you favorite toy store to buy a case, so you can support the dude who molded this - Nate at Squid Kids.

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Unknown said...

I remember seeing this in your book! :D

Not sure if you remember me, but I was chatting with you right as the dealer hall closed on Saturday night. I was the one looking through your books, commenting how awesome they were and how I would love to cosplay some of your characters! I still want to! They're awesome! :3