Monday, August 13, 2012

Crazy4Cult sketch

Oh sweet JESUS! It's that time of the year.  Yes.  Where I do my anual Crazy4Cult thing.

Well, I don't want to post the giant-ass high rez file yet, but I'm certainly going to let you in on the sketch.

I stayed almost 100% true to my sketch, which is usually the case, but sometimes there's magic in seeing the lineart - so here it is for you to see.  Later this week I'll drop the poster on the blog and call it a day.

This years crazy4cult was hosted in NYC.
As I do each year, I put everything I had into this one painting.  It came out in my own humble opinion f_cking rad.  It's pretty much my favorite things all pushed into one flat 2D plane.

movies include from top to bottom:
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Who Framed Roger Rabbit

All of the movies were made in 1988 - hence the title.



Laura Dubuk said...

i cant wait for the world to see the colorssss...!

Damcanadian said...

Oh shit son, can I just give you my money now? Lol, already know where i'm going to put it.

Unknown said...

2 thing:

Thing 1. Ha


Thing 2. Hah.

William Vega said...

I love this piece, last year's piece was incredible as well and this is one is just as amazing because you just get lost on the details...I can look at it all day @_@...I love your rendition of Who framed Roger Rabbit? one of my favorite movies of all time.