Friday, June 22, 2012

Video Game pinup art. Lara Croft, Morrigan, or Cortana?

I'm going to do another set of video game pinup girls, but I' haven't decided who to paint yet.  I did a rough sketch based on a classic pinup pose and then sketched a few options up.  I'll pull one of these to finish as well as another pose, but I'm really torn about who to represent.

This was the blank pinup pose

cortana from halo

lara croft from tomb raider

morrigan aensland from dark stalkers/vampire savior

Whatever the choice, I'll litter the final with references to the game and probably tweak out the costumes a little bit so that it isn't so plain vanilla and boring.  Although now that I think about it, it's almost impossible to make Cortana not boring.  What a terrible design.

Maybe I should pick that one and try to make her as interesting as possible as a challenge.  Looking at Halo... the only thing they got right were the helmets and warthogs.  I'll bet I could make her look good, but is it really worth all that love?

Bahhh who knows.



Samolo said...

You said "...Morrigan and Lara Croft" and thought I'll choose Morrigan, but your Lara Croft is really cool, so... two vote for Croft (my wife and me).

So good to see you art, I'm guessing you must have one of those cases of too much work, but I missed your posts.

Unknown said...

Thanks Samolo.

Yes, I've been slammed. I don't have time to do the last 3 things I posted, but I said f_ck it and decided to push myself. I'm 100% surrounded by art obligations, but I unbury myself a little each week. (^__^) I'm very glad you enjoy it.


Trixi said...

I can see why it's hard to choose

Unknown said...

Thanks Trixi, but what do you like?!?


Damcanadian said...

Mmmmmm Morrigan

Dæth by Design said...

I Love Morrigan..but I think I gotta go with Cortana on this one... Though speaking of Darkstalkers I'd always love to see more Felicia ^_~

Unknown said...

If I get the strength and time, I'll paint up morrigan. IDK if I'll use this pose or not. May be cool to compare to the Lara one I just finished.