Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gum work in progress and how to paint her

I decided to put some time into gum today and also do another one of those shitty How To Paint lessons. (^_^)

Ok. Let's see.

So you've got your line art drawn? GREAT. Now color it. How? Alright, so if you're using photoshop, let's pretend you are, you need to use a multiply on top of the lineart.

Flat colors.  It's just the palette, no real shading or lighting. This part should be easy.
I'm painting an established character, but that doesn't mean I can't inject my own style.  Colors are subtle.  They work together in lots of ways.  I like warm colors.  I actually beat them to death, but.. so what.  I like them.  So this character is all about the warm green  and a little bit of orangey yellow.  <3 that.  She looks like a can of 7-up! Werd?

Alright, so lay down your flats as a multiply.  Be messy, this part if fun.  If you're all conservo, then it's not fun.  Fuck around and try some things.

Then you'll want to give yourself some lighting indication.  Pick the direction that works for the piece and on a new layer, start painting over top of it, MESSY! Get your hands dirty.  Pick the colors and paint lighter and darker versions around those patches to indicate where you want lighting to be.

I added a layer on top of the last one (the multiply flat colors one) and started painting lights and darks.
I usually save a level of lights and darks for the end - the tail very end. That's so the shapes can pop.  This is looking a bit dark, but It's ok, it'll work for those light colors I add at the end to pop it all out.

That's all I've got right now, but I'll go alt-tab right now and work a bit more.  Doubt I will finish this on the weekend as I'm super busy, but I wanted to get started and see what happened.


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