Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sexy Maleficent does not give one quarter of-a-fuck what you think.

In some languages "mal" means bad.  In other languages, it means sexy.

I sketched Maleficent, the queen bitch, and then did a quick paint job over top of it.  She does not give a fuck if you don't like her outfit.  Seriously, not a single fuck.  I asked.
Maleficent will eat your soul.

I will be trying to attempt a sleeping beauty piece.  I'll explore some of the characters in sketch or small paintings first.  I have some ideas on what I'd like to pull off, but I'm not ready for another giant painting.  they really take allot out of me.

Painting these fairy tales has been cool - although I'm giving allot of play to Disney stuff, I always loved the designs, but I'd love to add something to them.  Disturbing, maybe? But Maleficent and I have a similar mentality, if you don't like us - you can go prick yourself on a sewing needle.

Have a smashing Thursday, not matter what Maleficent says.



kleer001 said...

I think that is the sexiest drawing ever. Tears are streaming down from my face in joy.
Please tell me you'll do more di$ney villanessesesss...

Damcanadian said...

Omg! This is why your my favorite artist,I freaking love maleficent, totally made my day

Trixi said...

That's sexy as fuck

Now Playing said...

Soooo Maleficent isn't nice?

Great piece btw!

Annoyed Coworker said...

I'd eat any apple she gave me.

Samolo said...

And does she care if I like her outfit? looks rad. Btw, I'll be sending you a fanart pretty soon.

And keep the art flowing, i'll missed your constant updates.

Anonymous said...


Laura Dubuk said...

yesss, i never saw this one before. rad!!!