Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elena (sf3) gets some pin up love

Over the weekend I drew street fighters for a potential T-shirt idea.  It's weird how many online images there are of Elena that AREN'T CUTE.  I googled so many images and couldn't find many good looking ones except the official stuff.  She does a bunch of high kicks and is rather lanky.  Almost all the pics are crotch shots.  That's ok, I get it. BUT WHY NO CUTE PICS? Her face and hair are always super lame.

Well, dear internet, I'm correcting this error.  She's lanky, half naked, and rather crotchy, but let's make a cute Elena for once for fuck's sake.  You're welcome internet. What would you do without me?

Elena from SF3.  It's like a spider with boobs. (*__*)
I won't be coloring this as it will likely be screen printed AS HUGE AS POSSIBLE.

Enjoy the pic.  More street fighter pin up art to come in the form of another Cammy. Thanks for dropping by.

be seeing you,


Mr Benja said...

I've wondered this myself. Thanks &drew!

Unknown said...

¿Right? She never gets love. Crazy ass internet. There are like 9 trillion pictures of ChunLi's rectum. (Don't google that. I SAID DON'T!!!!) yet there are only 3 or 4 cute Elena pics.

chunLi-> ( )*( )

Hah - i kill me.


thedave said...

...waaayy cute! All 11 toes of her!

Damcanadian said...

Very cute, shame I won't see it colored.

Annoyed Coworker said...

&drew, only you could employ so much camel toe and still make a girl look cute.


Unknown said...

Nice on TheDave.

I know, right? Only so much time in the day to color things. :.(

And SWHR - Thank you. Thank you so much.