Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art show

Art show TOMORROW in Seattle - Capital Hill district. 307 E. Pike St, starts at 7. I'll be there for an hour or so. 50/50 chance if I'll be plastered or not. Show up and find out plus see some super rad art.


I've been working on this piece for a month. It's been keeping me from posting since I wanted to save it until the bloody end. Here's the sketch:20 Prints will be for sale at the gallery and through

I'm going to do another twitter/blog drawing mid next week when I drop the image. If you're in to getting free signed art that should make you happy.



Damcanadian said...

oh fuck yeah, Ill be there.

darrk said...

damn wish i was near by!

looks great and glad to see an update

Unknown said...

Very cool. I'll see you there although I have to catch a flight at some point so I'll be there at the first half.

Msneill, I wish you were nearby too! The more the merrier. Well, I will try to have shows in different places at some point.