Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Winner(s) + Mario Sisters

First draw: The_Flipsider
Runners up: PhineasK Turicus7 Grungymingo

Keep checking the blog for more contests. Mayhaps next month before my next art show.

I included runners up. Figured I'd send out some small prints. I'll be contacting you all for your addresses. As for those of you who ordered prints. I'm getting shipping materials shortly so they don't get bent up. Afterwards I'll send them out and let you know through email.

I'm working on a painting for another art show. I'm going to try to do something large like a 4 foot canvas version of this:We'll see how it goes - not much time till the show and that's allot of paint!



Trixi said...

You are absolutely insane. That is all.

Unknown said...

A. Yes.
2. Thank you.