Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Portal 2 Chell pin up, the cheese cake isn't a lie.

Portal 2 was awesome. Actually, it still IS awesome. So go buy it if you haven't. It's puzzles plus clever humor, not that toilet humor that promulgated in most modern games! Speaking of bad taste, here's a pin up I made of the main character, Chell, along with her companion cube.

Yes, she's got booty shorts. Yes her head is ginormous. But is there really a problem with that? No. There isn't.

But seriously, if you haven't done the portal thing, it's short(ish) and rewarding.

Otherwise you'll miss out on all the internet memes, like "The cake is a lie." and a bunch of stuff about lemons and Cave Johnson. You'll see.

case closed.


leonyes said...

"She's look fat" : )

Unknown said...

Thank you very much pakie! And Leonyes - yup, she's a fatty McFat fat. ;p


Guy said...

This is most awesome (along with all the VG pin-ups)... all it needs is a combustible lemon ;)

Phineas said...

This is one of my favourite ones.

I like how the lips have been toned down a bit, and look less greasy. Plus.. anything with an Aperture Science logo is awesome by default.

There is just something more mature about this one... it's generally warmer and better, maybe the colours...? it's hard to say exactly what.

Annoyed Coworker said...

I don't know if it's the pose or the maybe the shorts, but those hips look curvier than usual.

And I likes me some curvy hips!

Dæth by Design said...

Dude that came out awesome! I love how you gave her thigh bracelet... portal...glowstick...thingies. It's very Holmes versus Aristotle, Moriarty vs. Mashy Spike Plate.

Trixi said...

It's awesome. *bows*
That is all.