Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bubble Tea Time

The Bubble Tea designs I did for the local shop, minus logo and border.
They were super fun to do. I had a few more crude and rude sketches, and the little girl one with the dress didn't fly. "Too cute" and all, but these are kinda goofy and I hope they will pleas bubble tea drinkers across the land.

Digital line art is always a pain in the B. I think I should just do it on paper next time... in real life... buuut no, I went with the pixels. Pixels are ooookkkkk. I mean, we cool, pixels an' me. I just OCD over some of the curves sometimes.

I like the cup dude vs. the boba tapioca balls. That worked out nicely.



kleer001 said...

My fav is def tha last, he's sayin' "Get in mah belly!"

Unknown said...

I'm all about the shooting target one, but ya - last one def. works tha best. I know the cup is Master Shakey as f()k, buuut there are only so many places to take a cup with a face. ATHF is definitely not something I would praise the designs from. Too dirty and blah, but I did love that shows voice acting. Those actors brought it to life.

sachi0770 said...

I like the first and the last ones! The two in the middle kind of reminded me of! I guess the straws reminded me of cigarettes somehow.

Definitely dig the star tapioca though! I heart stars!