Monday, January 10, 2011

When I'm a werewolf, I dream I'm a human.

I'm not going to dedicate a post to music only, because that's not what I do. I'm a visual artist, I draw. And my blog? It's a public diary-like place I put random musings about my art + some of the music I dig (recently), but I'm tempted to just post about cocoRosie.

CocoRosie is awesome enough to dedicate a post on a visual art blog to.

I'm not going to do that though. Do you know why? Because I have pictures from Eric Maréchal.

More hit and run artwork.

But please, by all means, listen to this track, cause it's rad, but not as rad if you don't have good headphones.

I've seen this group live and they are "hot to death". Seriously creative and creepy cool looking as one of them strips clothes off to reveal faux tattoo coverall like leotards and weird intentional messed up haircuts. Good show. Try the track. I like their mellow stuff too.

cocoRosie - werewolf Omega remix

Thanks Eric. You're dope, but you know that.

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