Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank G_D

I started doing ad4ad contests to try to connect with people and create art in a more community sense. i'm not a member of facebook or deviant (as of yet)or any major web communities so it's like this blog is a little hub for me to connect to peeps. That's also another reason I love doing the postcards.

Half of art is its creation and the rest of it is sharing it with people.

So thanks to you guys and girls who are participating. I'm really happy to let you guys be a part of the art process. It's way more fun when you get involved.

Here's another sketch of the pirate girl i posted a ways back. I changed her hair and tweaked a couple of her bits.

i'm not sentimental, but i AM an artist for f_cks sake. (^___^)


Trixi said...

For some reason I just love that pirate girl.

Anonymous said...

cool art...just gets better and bettersz.