Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Old tricks die hard to water, but you can't make em drink.

...Or something like that.... :-

I haven't done any eye candy like this in some time. I still owe two people tats, so these are practice I suppose.

One of them is sort fo a joke and the other isn't. ¿Well, sh_t, what isn't a joke in this universe we call life? M_ther f_cking nothing. That's what.

be seeing you,

It's princess peach. Get it? HAH

and here are some in progress shots:


Trixi said...

I'm not a joke

Anyway, these are looking good. The second one is sort of a joke, right? ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Trixi.

And we all know you're not a joke. :-)

Madison Ann said...

i hope the second isn't a joke. is it possible to fall in love with yourself?

Unknown said...

If the shoe fits - love it. That's what I always say. er, something like that.