Saturday, July 10, 2010

sTRONg Finish?


So here's the piece in all it's nerdish glory:

The poster is 18" by 24" and it's printed on really nice stock.

I popped it into a show at Gallery1988's crazy4cult4. It was a really rad show.

I have 5 of them for sale. They come signed and numbered. If anybody would like one, there's the link. I'm limiting the printing to only 30 pieces. And 20 of them went to the gallery where they showed - 5 of them have already been spoken for and I haven't even put the link up yet! If you buy them directly through me, they're discounted, BUT there are only a few left. So if you like it. Act fast. It looks real purdy in person.

Now that took a freaking long time. I'm thinking of doing another art director for a day. BUT I want to push a deadline on it for myself. Cuase it's no fun to watch grass grow. Right?

Ryon, youre free print will be on the way next week once I get the poster tubes and protective sheets in the mail!



Unknown said...

Bad ass. Daft Punk is a nice touch. Come visit at stylus, we miss you <3.

Trixi said...

Damn, it looks wicked.

Juan Bauty said...

I love it!!!!