Monday, July 05, 2010

Hell or Highwater (or Failsquad)


I have been working for months on a book for the san diego comic con. When I say months, I mean that I've been coming home from my dayjob and working till the wee hours of the morning to move colored pixels around.

I had known it was a bad idea to start something so late and push so hard. If it would have come together it would have been allot of luck in additional to great skill. Now, I know I have decent skill, but nowhere near what it would have taken. I also have some luck, but not enough to pull this project together.

It came down to the final days and a printer's proof. When the proof arrived in the mail, it was so terrible, that I have to seriously question the printer used or I have to question my ability to see and order a new pair of glasses. There were so many problems.

Let me list them fo ryou to see.

Bad art - the art is fucking terrible. rushed and ragged and ugly.
Bad layout - the layout had glaring inconsistencies. things that looked like they were thrown together just to get the job done. it's offensive to look at.
bad print clarity - maybe it was the paper? IDK - fact of the matter is that everything had a fuzzy edge. I have to question the art at that point EXCEPT for the fact that the number of the page were fuzzy.
strange artifacts - there are stepped edges to many curves - even curves in the text which should be vector and thus have no problems.

The project was chaos.

So.... I'm putting it in the can. Right now, after a week and a half of mixed anger and sorrow, but mostly sorrow, with a clear head I can see that anybody who saw what I had and wanted me to push it forward was a little too eager. So to my close buddies helping me, don't take offense, but maybe you were being too complimentary to my art to see how bad everything was coming together. It touches me that you're so kind, but don't let friendship get in the way of goodness!

I will pick up the project and arrange it into shape in the future, but it's going to be ALLOT of work. 120+ pages does not go down quickly.

Good news is that I can move back on to things that I actually LIKE to do... like sleep. :-) and also like THE TRON PAINTING. Which is now finished(ish). I'll post it up later this week, but I had to get that fail out of the way because it hurt and cost me allot of life. It'll all be worth it when I wrap the f_cker up, but I'm not making any promises. This may take me a decade. (*___*)

be seeing you,


veronica said...

oh, this is so, so sad! :( but, i doubt you will regret choosing integrity over finishing the product.

Anonymous said...

will you be attending comic con?

Madison Ann said...

are you gonna be at comic con?

Unknown said...

Yes, I will. Shoot - i should put those details up super soon.

Madison Ann said...

sweet i'll be there on sat. might just have to find you.