Friday, July 30, 2010

ad4ad2 : Dejah Thoris , Stone Angel, Giant Lizard sketch.

super rough. I'm just trying to get the idea down. Something like this:

And I think I wanna make it into a postcard or something. Good? Bad? Ugly?

be seeing you.


Trixi said...

Very nice

kleer001 said...

OMG! You're totally channeling Frazetta here, I love it! I think it might really shine with a more unbalanced dynamic composition like his stlye and really push the edges of the frame. And I'd love to see some abstract mountains in the bg too or is it a spurting volcano?! Ka-Booom!
Some arty egghead did a lil' tribute here:
Keep up the good work!
Also, the Tron print arrived safe and sound, yay!

Unknown said...

sounds like a plan - i'll see what i can do.

nice frazetta post - that has allot of good composition hints in it.


Unknown said...

Trixi - what turned you green! You look like you'd make a hot wicked witch.

(* . *)

Trixi said...

I turned myself green with a little help from photoshop. Maybe I am a witch :P