Saturday, June 06, 2009

Idea Illustrator cover

Idea Illustrator cover
Originally uploaded by artist.andrew

This is the cover for a magazine that I was just included in. It's called (as you can read) idea illustrator. they liked my black and white silhouette pics, which is great since I've been working hard on them for a long long time.

I'll post a few other pics - the art you've seen on this blog, but it's neat to see it in print format.



Rupe said...

Congrats on your media exposure!
It's great you're getting recognized for your hard work.
And as for the black & white chicks, my friends & I are big fans. We use this app ( to use them as the background images on our computers (sadly, it's only compatible with Windows).

Dez said...

Congratulations! Your work looks awesome in magazines.

Unknown said...

Thanks Rupe (^__^) I've very proud to be part of your desktop backgrounds indeed.

Thank you Dez.


veronica said...

so cool! i want one!

Wany Kim said...

They look so awesome!!!

Process Junkie said...

Fuckin' awesome!

I love you. Marry me!

Wizardmasterhp said...

Congrats I'l have to pick up a copy

Unknown said...

Thank you kindly guys.

Process Junky - but you're already taken!

weezie said...

Where can I get one? I don't see a website! :(

Barbara Canepa said...

cool ! ^__^