Sunday, April 12, 2009

aladdin plus

I did these a while ago but didn't have any time to UL or post them. They should be pretty obvious. The bird isn't so creative, but he does have my post-it pet spin on him. I should have taken it further, but that happens from time to time. Not everything can be totally crazy and different, right?

Happy easter to everybody celebrating it. This is usually such a good family day. I'm about to go hunt for "beer eggs"... well, I've been told it's something like that that's hiding around in the surrounding territories.



Trixi said...

"beer egss"? Now you got me thinking :P

I like the bird more than aladdin x)

Unknown said...

Hey Andrew how you been? I love your new art direction. I am looking forward see it make in to the wii game!

Unknown said...

Trixi - Aladdin just had no personality. That kid was tough to relate to. Iago - on the other had, had too much personality. Gilbert Godfry (sp.)?!? the headaches that guy inspired... woo.

Thanks Michael. I appreciate it.