Tuesday, April 08, 2008

art in your blood and blood in your art.

i'm currently working on one of those projects that either completely destroys you or makes you strong - i think kanye west has a song about something like that...

the project... it's not leaving me any time for "free time art" which is mostly what i post here, but i'm really hoping that it's going to be worth it.

here's a piece i did for no reason:
i hope to find time to do much more nonsensical art for nonsensical reasons, but that seems to be on the horizon very far away.

oh ya - and kids, 'broc lee' might make it look cool to smoke, but it's not that cool and perhaps not even cool at all.

eat your green and have a good day.


Beatriz Iglesias said...

Hahaha! As great as usual!
Have fun with your new project...cheers!

Shem said...

truly the king of all vegetables. really great stuff here.

RoB said...

Great post! Love the pose and attitude of Broc Lee.


David Colman said...

awesome man.....yes I recently got laid off from disney so you would think I now have time...not so much....

you ever do those paintings?

I have a question man, how do I get the book sale links on the side of my blog like you have them?? can you help out a brotha?