Thursday, May 31, 2007

soups on

here's another greenish blobby google eyed post-it pet, which is the flavor of the day today, despite it also being the flavor of the day yesterday.



Cereal Killer said...

Hey Wander, really cool to check the progress, if i´d not seen it i´d think it is a 3d work.

( =_=)

Piotr said...

unique idea with the eyeball, fun stuff!

g1toons said...

cool ideas, cool process

Unknown said...

Hey Andrew! Dang... took a little while to find you!

It was great to hang out with you in Calgary.

What's your contact info? Can you email me at
bobby at Love to talk to you.

Hope all is well


spleenal said...

I love this sneek peek into how you do it.
So much so I'm gonna bug the rest of the internet on how they do that.

The word verification thing spells out Sigmnnei. Humm sounds Italian.

m.j. Nuñez said...

que buen trabajo, increible...muy inspirador.