Sunday, July 09, 2006

art show soon - andrew

Check out this show.

it's on july 25th at gallery 1988 in LA.

Their website might be down because of too much traffic, but it'll be up soon.
i'll have about 10 pieces in the show.

some SUPER talented artists are going to have sketches there. just read the flyer, you'll see.


: this is the one on the flyer


weezie said...

Congrats! That's awesome. I found a website that had this attributed to you at the show:

Is that your piece?

R.A. MacNeil said...

I really like the bird on the second poster.


frank2.0 said...

Congrats Andrew! You're saving a piece for me, right?!

Unknown said...

weezie - i was in that show, but that isn't one of my pieces. if you see one of a bunch of metroids - one of samus - or one of the zebes enemies... those are mine.

r.a. if you are in town, check the show! dunno where you are, but greg simkins is in there! and he's AWESOME.

silas - 12 are at the show, i gave 5 away, and i have three or four left. we'll see what you think about the ones i have available.


© said...

Fabulous! GoodLuck, &REW!
DoN't forget to take 2 aspirins B4 The show & 5 Afterwards..

And then take 2 Tylenol for David.

... if you feel oozie mid-way the showing, call your medical health provider immediately!

mix drinks can do that to you.


© said...

... oh and, btw (making this sound like a continuous post):

I won't make it to the SDCC this july. )`:

but definitely the NYCC in feb.

have fun! will be missing you & many fellow members.


© said...

also, I just remembered --
the NYCC is held 2007 mid February. The weather is freezing fantastic! You shouLd definitely make efforts to check out NYC while you're at it, it's by far one of-a-kind place on this planet.

a note of the wise:
(seeing how things are going...)
come visit before the bomb drops.