Sunday, June 18, 2006

she's making a list and checking it twice - andrew

i think it's safe to say that everybody knows who this is - the center of my universe.

this was part of a thank you note to her.

and it also happens to be the seventh and last fuscia painting. Too bad David didn't make good on his word to create seven of them also. It would have been very fun to see. But as i have learned, you can't really ask an art director to do anything at all - you can only make suggestions and hope that he was already planning on doing part of them.

if i ever get to the lose the "assistant" part of my role - remind me never to leave false hope in my wake and to always make good on my word.

by the way, david and i have been considering adding a new member to the blog - his name is ted bradshaw and he works with us. he's getting back into digital 2d art and a blog is a perfect place for him to practice.

details later.


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