Saturday, June 17, 2006

first wind - andrew

i have been sick for days.

the kind of sick that begs you not to stand up or look to the left too far or look to the right too far or walk faster than just too slow or lift your arms above your head.

my refusal to go to a doctor prompted my girl to come by and throw me in a cold shower after measuring my 102.2 degree temperature several times.

bless her soul. i deserve nowhere near the level of attention she gives me.

two days later, here i am - coloring on one of these stupid post-it-pets for just over an hour. try coloring loops of string for an extended period of time. if i wasn't sick then, i am truly sick now.

i will try to make up for my absense, but i'm not making any promises. it still feels like i have been kicked in the throat.



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