Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nintendo based Stacking Dolls (Metroid)

Metryoshka Dolls, if you will

Metroid inspired artwork for an upcoming show at the Bottleneck Gallery.  We've got lil zero suit Samus, the power suit, and the Metroid ship - IDK what she's claled.

I also tacked super mario brothers and zelda as a set of stacking dolls.  I'll post them up once the show goes live or the gallery pops the pics up with links to purchase if you're interested.

be seeing you,


Jonathan B said...

Why has this thing got to be in New York? Can't wait to see the other pieces!

Unknown said...

Thanks JB - nice compliment.

I'll post em soon! I really like this series. It worked out ok.


Anonymous said...

Find a way to make these real...

Unknown said...

Do you have any leads for me? I think that might be really cool.