Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MegaMan Legends Bon Bonne art

I painted this piece for the MegaMan boss battles online art jam. 

Bon Bonne is a rad design.  I wanted to do the whole Bonne family but other artists snagged the other bits ya know.  I wanted to capitalize on the simplicity of his shapes and an interesting silhouette.  He's like a big baby, which is great.

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Or you can peep it on the site where MegaMan boss battles lives.
Find more pieces here: http://megamanbossbattle.tumblr.com/

Some limited prints will be up eventually should there be enough interest.

Be seeing you,


Anonymous said...

i LOVE bonbonne
u should do a tron bonne next

C.Deboda said...

That's mega cool, man!

Unknown said...

Thanks yous.