Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Princess Peach (Birth of Venus) painting is done and prints are up.

The art show was AWESOME.  Thank you to all the artists who participated.  So many awesome video game pieces.

Here's the finish on my Princess Peach Birth of Venus Botticelli rip.

It's Peach popping out of a 3Ds, the original I sold at the show has a transparent layer with some clothing draped over the figures so it's more safe for work. (^__^)  I really really like how it came out.  Email me if you took pics, because I was a dolt and did not do such.

Birth of Peach by Andrew Wilson

12 x 16 Prints are available here if you'd like

Make sure to peep all the other rad art up on the site too.

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Annoyed Coworker said...

That is one hell of a job, there! You emulated the classic painting in a way that just blew my mind!

I'm gonna have to pony up for this bad boy. It's got renaissance, it's got geek culture, it's got boobs. It's 3 of my favorite things! I have to get it!

Also... BOOBS!

Unknown said...

Did LOL pretty fricking hard.

Thanks for the compliment.


Patrick Ballesteros said...

This came out SICK man! Thanks again for inviting me to the show, I had a blast making the piece!

FBT said...

I took a terrible picture of it. I love it. Ours is framed and waiting for us to figure out where to put it in our room :3

Damcanadian said...

well its on the wall now, right above the TV opposite the bed. also got your new gallery 88 piece framed and need to get a hammer to put it up, also in the bedroom lol.

Anonymous said...

Great interpretation of The Birth of Venus. I love it! Kudos.

By the way I added you on Google+. I went to Gam3rcon and bought a print of your Princess Peach line art and was wondering if you had anything else like that. I would like to have a theme going on to the art in my gaming room.


Unknown said...