Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Samus is the MAN! Errrr, wait wait.

No lair is complete without it's own mother-f_cking-brain. Can you dig it?

Samus rocking the classic sizzle.  If she knew me, she'd totally wanna mate.  Er date... er... whatever.

Samus again, in her zero suit.  Ya - totally painted on. Yes, I did paint ANOTHER CAMEL TOE. So sue me.
(Don't sue me).
Oh what a surprise.  I've painted Metroid again.  How many more times mu st I brave the classics? How many innocent pixels must die to satiate my hunger for Samusy spandex suits and little hidden energy tanks?  Hint : It's billions.



Samolo said...

I love Metroid, I love art, I love your work... is a win-win... win situation. Its the MB sculture still on your mind? hope you can do it.

Book, Samolo... don't forget! Its a secret to everybody.

Anonymous said...

Man, do you plan to have print sales for this whole series, with Metroid, Nintendo Characters, zelda Characters, etc... ?
Your prints are wonderful.
You should have a real Shop section on your website, imho.

Annoyed Coworker said...

If you really wanted to impress us, the camel toe would have been in the armor.

Seriously, though, thanks for posting some higher res versions of these. I love seeing all the detail!