Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Diglett and his PokeBitches.

2 things:

Thing 1.
 Diglett and all of his bitches is done and printed.
Don't f_ck with Diglett, unless you're one of his bitches, in which case, please do f_ck with Diglett.
(Ugly bitches do not apply.)

Thing 2.

Yes, over night I have become a marketing genius and will finally be putting things up in a storefront looking space as I have them.

I expect that after this weekend I will have time to add more things like my silhouette prints and a few other things that I still have available.

Diglett prints:

The edition is at 20.  I will be dropping them on TUMBLR in a day or so and hopefully getting some buzz.

Storefront site:



Damcanadian said...

holy crap, I think I bought a print before I even know what I was doing, well done, well done indeed, I honestly saw print, post, clicked link, added to cart and purchased with paypal in under 15 seconds.
are you the one sending them out?
low number? *wink wink*

Unknown said...

Hah - Sending them out in the order received, but you were quick, so no worried.