Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Throwing up art.

Iron Man X Guitar Hero = Guitar Super Hero.
Paints for an upcoming Avenger piece, sketches of which are contained beloooowww

I haven't "thrown up" any colored pieces in some time. (Read: puked).  Consider this penance, although the avenger set is nowhere near done, and I won't be posting it for a week or so.

Rest assured that I have plenty of painted up art nested.  Over the last month+ I've been contacted by allot of people wanting to collaborate in art shows or art products - none of which have promised me the pile of riches my wallet craves, but all of which are promising something interesting.

I'll learn my lesson after all is settled and from there make a strong consideration on whether or not to do more such projects, but in the meanwhile that means a bit of an art drought (minus all of these sketches).

As an artist, many of you know this, but you can get propositions from dozens and dozens of people all acting important and legit.  They all want one thing - your art.  Well, don't give it to them!  Think of how flaky 90% of the people you've ever met have been and then consider that every penny they promise you will likely be divided in 3 or 4...  So why did I agree to all of the current things I'm working on?

One of the projects was a buddy.  One of them sounded like it could lead to good exposure - which is starting to look really doubtful.  One of them is for a retarded art show that just happened to hold my interest because it's so wacky.  One of them has to do with an international show and a really passionate fellow. And one of them is a local gallery which has made good on some sales and good events.

Needless to say, for the rest of this month, I will be absolutely throwing up art - even if you don't see it.  After I get through the cleanup, I'll fill the internets with more colored pixels.

No sob story here. I know what I'm getting in to (mostly).  I'll let you all know how it goes (if you're paying attention) and maybe it will help you make good decisions after future propositions.



thedave said...

watch the movie "The Fountainhead" It really blew me away...i think you'd really understand its themes and appreciate it as an artist.

thedave said...

...also thank you for posting the Ironman one first...though the bottle in The Wasp's hands was more phallic (and more to my liking) in the original drawing!

Unknown said...

Well Dave - we can't have it LESS phallic than the sketch. There was something off with the size of it which lead me to the current, but of course I will have to revisit that so she can ride the bottle in happiness.


William Vega said...

Love this series as well as the Nintendo themed one. It's your right to want to be more protective of your art. I get it, in fact if I had the riches your wallet craves I would want to collaborate on something. But I'm just a regular guy (graphic designer) with dreams of becoming an artist like you. I'm just happy to see your art on the Internets. I got art from you(postcards and dejah thoris poster)all good stuff. I even got my hands on the horrible vikings and your shibuya piece.

Unknown said...

William, I think you should know that I would give all my art for free if I could, but when somebody comes to an artist with a request and a plan to make some dough that isn't up front, it's called "spec" for speculation I believe - and it's never a good idea. Although I wanted to reaffirm that. I'll let you know when it happens or not, sir!



Annoyed Coworker said...

Happy 6th Anniversary on the blog!

Unknown said...

My head just asploded.